Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oct. 5

Today was a really long day. I hate waking up early. I thought I didn't have all of my homework done, so I was pretty ancy. Today was an F Day... I thought I was going to Band first, but luckily Julie reminded me that I had math first. (Thanks again Julie XP)

Then I had band.
And everything went smoothly until English which the class which I didn't have all of my homework done and some of my friends did... But then we were explained to how she didn't have time to assign the homework last night so I got out of jail free.

Lunch, ya-da ya-da ya-da.

Erm. Other classes which I cannot recall at the moment. ^-^'

The climax of my day!
Soccer. We literally waited around 1.2 hours for our bus to come. And by the time it did it was pouring. Luckily Marcellus had a... Nevermind. Not a turf field. It was more "underwater polo" as Webb said, which I totally agree. There was this dead spot filled with water in the middle of the field which you couldn't kick ANYTHING through. You had to kick the soccerball at least 90 times to get it out of there. Of course my position is the one where you hover over it. :P

Because the ball was so slippery, and their fields SUCKED (along with the refs ^-^)
we let a goal in. One measly goal. And we can't score one because we are whiffing the ball with this water. This one kid kept on telling me whenever we were going for the ball "Push Much?!?" while he literally shoved me to the ground. So I went all Nazi on him and almost got a yellow card.

I also got Mario and Salvo's pizza, which, by the way, is complete and utter deliciousness. 
We also went to P&C... I mean Tops to go shopping for Gettysburg. I legit bought all the crap we could fit in the basket. It was pretty funny. That means Zach and Peter and Kevin, your welcome. 

I then got home, showered, finished my homework, and here I am now. I'm pretty good at summing things up, aren't I? :)
Well, time to watch Bones, a great show, along with many others. And Glee if my mom wants to. :P

T-Minus 3 days until Gettysburg

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