Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well. It has been quite some time, hasn't it arch-nemesis?

Well, today was pretty good.

I went to the fair yesterday with my good ol' friend Josh. 
And I had soccer practice this morning. I think I'm starting.... and I shall be a disappointment.

I went to a SSBB tournament with another one of my friends today! It was at the Manlius Library.
That Library is amazing.
Absolutely Amazing.

AND I would've wrecked EVERYONE.
But, alas, I have been playing the N64 version in which the timing is different for everything.
So I died.

But I wasn't even in time for the actual tournament!

But hopefully they're gonna do more.

In which I shall hopefully win. 

But... Yeah...

Afterwards I IMMEDIATELY (and when I say immediately I mean immediately) went to the movies with ANOTHER one of my friends. (I sure am popular, aren't I? ^-^') We saw Don't be Afraid of the Dark. Meh. It was okay. Ish.

And THEN I went to dinner at Kirby's. Which I haven't had dinner at in FOREVER! I got ribs :3.
AND I saw a kid that was at the SSBB tournament. He seemed pretty cool, I'm actually kinda angry I didn't really talk to him more.

So now I am home writing this. I hope to write more often then I am now! XP

~Lickitung Signing Off~

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