Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 21:05


Heh heh. Hey everyone. Another eventful (not) day in the life of Lickitung.

You like stuff large?  

I like it Normal. And I really don't like this font.

Much better.

Well today started with me SUCCESSFULLY LUCIDLY DREAMING
It was amazing. Except for the fact that it lasted about 15 minutes. And I only got to the first phase, and couldn't really do everything I wanted but IT WAS AMAZINGGG!

I felt so powerful.

But it was cut short when my alarm went off so I had to go mow my grandmother's lawn.

And she wasn't there... .__.

yeah. But today was our soccer scrimmage. It was disgusting how bad we did. 
We lost... 7-0. XP 

but then I got KFC. and it was geewwwdd.
and then I went home. and then to Walgreens. And this lady from Oklahoma was all helping us out and stuff. It was awesome.

But tomorrow will be more exciting, do not fret.

I'm getting a haircut... And um... school shopping.

Sora, it looks like my Summer Vacation is over.

but uhhh, yeah. im also preordering skyward sword & starfox tomorrow. even though starfox comes out in 8 days.... :P

but alas, I have decided to stop deleting these from buzz. That's the only way people are going to read it.

So.... adios.

~Lickitung Signing Off~

P.S. I realized that this I think was the only post without a P.S. But that just changed, didn't it.... So I guess this P.S. P.S. is pointless? I'm confusing myself.

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